automatic car wash

With eight million vehicles being washed at car washes daily, automatic car washes are clearly a popular choice for many car owners. Touchless car washes are everywhere! But what are you really paying for at a drive-through car wash that you couldn’t take care of yourself at home? The answer may surprise you. Here are just a few benefits to getting your car washed at an automatic car wash instead of washing it yourself at home.


  • Coverage: Getting a thorough car wash at home takes a substantial amount of time in order to really get every last spot and smudge off the exterior, not to mention taking care of the interior. Between a full exterior car cleaning, car vacuuming, and more additional services, your car will leave sparkling and spotless every time.
  • Time-investment: If you want to clean your car at home, you need to make sure you set aside a substantial amount of time to get all your supplies you need and actually scrub down the car. Instead, consider an automatic car wash: all you have to do is drive your car through. Certainly a much simpler and faster option than doing it yourself! Automatic car washes are by far the better option for anyone who is dressed up to go somewhere, women with children, or you don’t want to use your most valuable asset, time, to wash your car.
  • Better paint protection: Believe it or not, washing or scrubbing your car at home could be damaging your car’s paint. If your current car wash is using a low grade acid soap, this also can damage your paint. Automatic car washes that use an alkaline soap can help preserve the paint on your car, keeping it looking new much longer.


Keeping your car clean is essential to making sure your car runs smoothly for as long as possible. Next time you need your car washed, consider taking it to the nearest automatic car wash, rather than spending the time to take care of it yourself. You’ll get a better clean that takes less time, and may even preserve the life of your paint job.