automatic car wash

A automatic car wash seems ideal, namely because “automatic” means you don’t have to lift a finger. But before you decide on a great automatic car wash, you should know what to expect. Here’s what sets an automatic car wash apart from the rest.

A variety of car-cleaning services

One-size-fits-all car washes are outdated and tacky. Every car is unique, and your driving experience demands you have a variety of cleaning options to knock out tough dirt and grime. As such, you need to ensure you visit a car wash service with plenty of options for an effective car wash.

Always visit the automatic car wash with plenty of options. This might include touchless car washes to prevent scratches on your exterior or a soft cloth automatic car wash to really reach accumulated messes. Regardless, you want a drive through car wash that ensures you don’t have to lift a finger.

Great perks

Some car wash facilities even offer fragrance machines free of charge. Keep your car smelling as fresh as the day you bought it. For example, Main Street Car Wash and Farson Street Car Wash offers three different scents at each station and you can control the amount of scent that is applied for total control in your car wash experience.

High quality car wash soap protects your vehicle’s finish

Make sure you choose an automatic car wash that will not destroy your vehicle’s paint. If your current car wash is using a low grade acid soap, this can also damage your paint. Automatic car washes, like Main Street Car Wash and Farson Street Car Wash that use an alkaline soap can help preserve the paint on your car, keeping it looking new much longer.

The best equipment

Along with an outstanding exterior, you deserve to have the best tools to clean the inside of your car as well. Before you choose a regular car wash service, rely on an automatic car wash with a fully-equipped facility, featuring self-serve car vacuums and carpet shampoo options.

Did you know the car wash industry is servicing an average of 2.1% more vehicles with each passing year? When you want to get the best touchless car wash Mid Ohio Valley has to offer, rely on the automatic car wash you can trust: Main Street Car Wash and Farson Street Car Wash in Belpre, Ohio.