car vacuumWondering where you can get your car washed and get your hands on an effective car vacuum? You are in the right place. Come and sit for a spell.

For starters, you will have no trouble finding your local car wash, given the growth in this industry. Did you know every day, approximately eight million vehicles are cleaned at car washes. There are a lot of cars on the road, many of them not new, so they need a good wash.

Business industry professionals at IHS Markit found that the average car on the road in America is 11.6 years old. The demand for visiting the car wash continues to ramp up. The U.S. Census Bureau tells us that America is home to more than 100,000 car wash facilities, and Americans purchase $5.8 billion annually at these facilities.

The trend line continues its ascent when you consider research that estimates the car washing industry services about 2.1% additional vehicles annually. In addition, the last 15 years has ushered in a 69% rise in vehicle owners using car wash facilities rather than soaking their driveway. As for the bells and whistles, wax takes the top spot. An annual survey conducted by a professional car washing association found that sealer wax is the most common service included in best-selling packages. 79% of car washes offer sealer wax as part of your wash.

Main Street Car Wash offers facilities that are easy to use, convenient street access, unique self-serve vacuums with crevice tools and advanced payment systems, 24-hour access to all services, and free fragrance machines. The fragrance machines offer three scents to choose from. They offer two convenient car wash locations, including one on Main Street and another on Farson Street. Heading to the car wash ensures that you get a quality wash and finish, access to a solid car vacuum, and eliminates the chance that the car doesn’t get washed for a good while due to the speed of life.

Whether you are looking for a touchless car wash, soft cloth car wash, self-service car wash, or a good car vacuum, Main Street Car Wash has got you covered. Remember we are just one bridge and one block from downtown Parkersburg.