Every day, 8 million cars are cleaned at the car wash. That’s a lot of cars! Odds are, not everyone has  car cleaning done the right way. It’s hard to know whether or not you’re cleaning your car right, but there are some ways to know.

Location Matters!

Not all car wash locations are the same. Some have a better car vacuum, while others don’t even have a vacuum. There are a few differences between every single place that you need to keep it in mind. For example, what kind of car shampoo are they using? Is it the type that ruins your paint or maintains its shine? It’s not something everyone thinks about, which is why you should! The proximity matters to make sure it’s always local. You don’t want to get attached to a place and then drive far to reach it. Remember we are just one bridge and one block from downtown Parkersburg.

Self-Serve vs Full Serve

There are multiple different types of car washes, but they all generally fall under two categories: a full service car wash or self service car wash. Full serve means people or machines will clean your car for you. It’s often more expensive, but you know the job will get done. With self service you’re cleaning the car yourself. While cheaper, it might not always have the best results if you don’t know how to clean your car.

The Extras

If you’ve ever been to a car wash, you know it’s more than just car cleaning. There’s waxing, wheel cleaning, and even detailing. The wash itself can be cheap, but adding these extras will pile up fast! Not every extra is worth the time, but you should know the benefits of having them. If it seems like they’re not worth the money, it might not be. However, it never hurts to see how it can affect your car cleaning.

How often?

You may be wondering how often is too often to wash your car. Unfortunately, there’s no one time that works for every car. It depends on where you live, how often you use it, and what the weather is like. In a place like Ohio, you might see a lot of snow in the winter. Road salt can absolutely ruin your car, and you don’t want that! You’ll be looking at more frequent washes in the winter. Meanwhile, in the summer, it’s sunny and dry which is why washing your car in the summer will help it look and stay beautiful all season long.