self service car washIn the United States, there are over 100,000 car wash facilities according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Car washes take on a variety of forms from soft cloth to self service. The following will tell you just what type of wash is best for your car and why!

Soft Cloth Car Wash

There has been a 69% increase in people using car wash facilities rather than washing their car themselves in the past 15 years. One of the reasons is because of the rise in popularity of soft cloth car washes. The biggest advantage to this type of wash is you would not have to do it yourself and your car can be clean in a matter of minutes! This method of car cleaning is sure to impress since it uses very soft and lightweight closed cell foam and mild soap to get your car shining bright. It is strong enough to remove bird droppings, bugs, pollen, dirt, etc from your car but gentle enough to not ruin the paint. It can also get those hard to reach places like the front license plate and rocker panels.  

Self Service Car Wash

The self service car wash is a form of cleaning that has been around for a long time. This method has the vehicle owner using a hose with high pressured water to clean the outside of the vehicle. The owner will also need some car shampoo for this method to make sure any dirtiness is erased from the car. After the soap is added, the owner then rinses their car. This method works well for those who like to clean their car by hand in order to not miss any spots or those who do not have a driveway to clean their car. Despite this method being a popular one, the downsides include the job not being perfectly done because it isn’t being cleaned by a machine and the potential to be expensive as the owner is purchasing their own products. The self service car wash is another form that could keep your vehicle squeaky clean.

Car Vacuum

Also typically placed at a car wash is a car vacuum which works similarly to a household vacuum that can clean the interior of your car. This way you can leave the parking lot with a clean exterior and interior of your vehicle. Our vacuums are user friendly, effective and comes equipped with a crevice tool so you can clean all the hard to reach places in your car.

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