soft cloth car washDid you know that Americans spend $5.8 billion each year at car wash facilities according to the United States Census Bureau? That’s a lot of suds getting our vehicles sparkling clean! But are you getting the best clean possible with your hard earned bucks?

Each day, about 8 million vehicles on the road are washed – and for good reason. Mud or dirt that remains on your car for days or even weeks may permanently cause damage to the car itself.

When dirt and mud sit on the car’s surface, there’s a possibility that it can permanently leave a mark or even worse, salt residue in the winter could begin to eat away at that gorgeous paint job. All that could easily be reduced or completely avoided with a simple car wash!

A soft cloth car wash may be a better, more thorough option when compared to the common touchless car washes that we see so often today. Think about exfoliating your face versus just washing it with soap and water. Which one gets the deeper clean?

A soft cloth car wash is sure to remove that tough dirt and mud from your car – every time! Also with a soft cloth car wash you can forget about those well known water streaks that are often left behind on your mirrors and windows by touchless car wash.

Though automatic and drive through car washes do hold value for an on-the-go need-it-right-now driver, those who are really looking for that sparkling sheen may be better off with the soft cloth wash.

If you’re looking to maintain that spotless shine on your ve

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