Every soap is the same right? Believe it or not, soaps can vary big time depending on its intended use. Would you use dish soap to clean your hands or hand soap in the shower? When it comes to car care, you need to be sure you are using the right kind of soap.

Using the Wrong Soap

As any car enthusiast will tell you, taking proper care of your car is of the utmost importance. When it comes to washing your car, you have to be sure to use the right type of soap. Oftentimes, people do not think about the consequences of each kind of soap and the damage it can do to your car. For example, dish soap is aggressive and formulated to breakdown and strip off any oil or food particles. While this is great for getting the grime off of dinner plates and cutlery, it can have devastating effects on your car’s clear coat.

Damage to Your Car

Car wax and sealants are specially formulated with different forms of conditioning oils to help them adhere to your car’s surface. Using aggressive soaps strips the wax or sealant off of your car, leaving the paint susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays and easier and more noticeable scratching. While it may not be immediately apparent, using the wrong kind of soap can have long-term effects on your car’s paint over the lifetime of your car.

Using the Right Soap

So how do you know which soap is the right soap to use to prevent damage to your car? When choosing a car soap, be sure to look for lubricity or soap that is extra slippery. A more slippery soap means wax and sealant oils and not scrubbed off. Look for the amount of suds/foam the soap produces. When it comes to cleaning cars, foam is your friend! It will lift dirt away from the painted surface. A soap with a balanced PH level will ensure the soap rinses away without leaving behind acidic residue. Make sure any soap you use is biodegradable so that is going down the drain smoothly and is safe for the environment.

What To Do

With all of the soap options available, how can you be sure you are making the right choice for your car’s safety? Come to a professional! Main Street Car Wash and Farson Street Car Wash only use low ph balance soaps to keep your car looking its best! Awarded the Best Car Wash/Detailer by the Sentinel Readers since 2015, if you are in or near Belpre, Ohio stop by one of our two locations today at either the Main Street Car Wash or the Farson Street Car Wash. Remember, at Main Street Car Wash we are just one bridge and one block from downtown Parkersburg and we are on your way at the Farson Street Car Wash!